Bear Buddies

Bear Buddies

All children love certificates and badges, and our free Bear Force Buddies certificates can be earned by simply learning about the importance of talking when they feel sad or are worried. Children are also encouraged to look out for other children who they think might be feeling sad too.

Helping Schools and Play Groups

Bear Force provides free* copies of the Bear Force book to schools and play groups caring for children between the ages of 4 and 8 years which can be used in conjunction with the free downloadable Bear Buddies Certificate available HERE.

*Subject to availability

Building Positive Mental Health Through Play

You are in control

The Bear Force Charity recognises that caregivers are in the best position to know how they can use our tools to benefit the specific children in their care. Our offering is simple but powerful and can be adapted according to the caregivers’ needs.

From children in the care system, to play groups and schools, we simply provide frameworks for suitably trained adults to facilitate opportunities for children to engage, and request that safe spaces are provided for children to speak knowing that they will be listed to.

Bear Force

Looking after you, you looking out for others